Signs That Make You Wonder

Appetite For The Impossible: It’s in or very DNA to want to see God in ways we’ve never seen Him before. When Jesus was born many of the Jews had never seen some of the types of signs and wonders that manifested. What’s interesting is some embraced it and others said Jesus had a demon. Jesus was a model of what it looks like when a man embraces the impossible. He performed miracles signs and wonders as a man in right relationship with the Father. One of the reasons He did this is because He wanted us to understand we can do the same as He did. Greater works He said we would do! We are responsible to live and look like Jesus. As He is so are we in the world. (1John 4:17) In understanding that God is our Father when we get born again, and seated in heavenly places we inherit His genetic code at birth. Every born again believer has written into his or her DNA the desire for the supernatural, the only way you wouldn’t have a desire for it is because someone taught you wrong! If you was put on an island with just the the Bible you would never read it and say that signs and wonders ceased! That is taught and learned.

When The Supernatural Gets Weird: Now I know many are against gems, gold dust, angels feathers and receiving gold teeth. Many have called these things demonic. But what I see in the scriptures is the same thing that happened in the time of Jesus. Many were for the signs and wonders and some said he had a demon! Let’s be honest Jesus said and did many things that went against the religious rulers of His day. The Holy Spirits nature is extremely powerful and His ways can’t be controlled and put in a box, we can’t simply tell the Holy Spirit to move a certain way and think that’s ok with God! It’s not your church it’s His church! Most only know the Holy Spirit as the one who convicts people of sin, but He is so much more than that! In fact I believe we are accustomed so much to the natural realm in many ways that when the supernatural shows up we freak out and speak against it. People come against what they don’t understand. Just because it may make you feel uncomfortable doesn’t mean it ain’t God. Don’t fear the ghost when He comes walking on the water because He may not come in the form you expect. We need Jesus in Our boat!

Missing His Movements: Bill Johnson’s tells of a story of Andrew Murray when he visited Wales after crying out for revival. Andrew Murray went to examine the very thing he was praying for that was manifesting in Wales, but he left Wales thinking that if he stayed he could contaminate the purity of Gods work. He didn’t press into the revival he prayed for! He goes on to say “Moves of God usually come with a stigma- something that is unappealing by some.”

Moves of God usually come with a stigma! -Bill Johnson

The New Age Movement: Jonathan Welton talks about how he began to research the New Age movement. He says he found it fascinating that people without religion were operating in the supernatural. Through his research, he discovered the movement had its beginning inside Christianity, and only over time did it grow apart. A high percentage of those in New Age grew up in Christian families and later left. Their reason for leaving is one that none of us want to hear. Inside the Church, they felt rejected and uncomfortable being supernatural individuals. The history of this movement, started within Christianity and developed out and away because the supernatural was unwelcome at church! Honestly that is crazy! The fact that six major founders of what morphed into the modern New Age Movement essentially had Christian roots!

Now here’s my take on this as well as Weltons, the church needs to embrace the supernatural as a way of life like Jesus did! Jesus did thousands upon thousands of miracles as well as many other things. John recorded

Jesus also did many other things. If they were all written down, I suppose the whole world could not contain the books that would be written. (John 21:25)

We need the raw power of God in our churches and we must discern His movement because if we don’t we may fail to see that the ghost walking on water is Jesus!

In His love* Justin

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