The Healing Ministry of John G. Lake

One of the most interesting people I have read about is John G. Lake. I’ve read much about healing revivalist and done lots of research on them all, but the one that stands out the most is Dr. Lake. I’ll tell you why. If there was anyone that knew about getting the sick healed it would be him. He trained what he called “Divine Healing Technicians” and had healing rooms where the sick would come and receive prayer. He had 16 trained Divine Healing Technicians that got such great results that 100,000 documented healings took place within the matter of 5 years! That’s 20,000 per year! You might wanna go back and read that again!! The Divine Healing Technicians that he trained shut done deaconess hospital in Spokane Washington! Did you understand that? They shut down a hospital!!

When people would come for prayer he required them to commit to coming everyday for 30 days. The ones that he trained were also told to come for 30 days, then at the end of the training they were given the name of a terminally ill patient and sent to their house to remain and minister until they got the sick person healed. If they failed, they were not to return to the Healing Rooms, ministry was over for them!

1918 Spokane Washington reported to be the healthiest city in the U.S. because of his trained Divine Healing Technicians!

Im not sure how it was said word for word, but someone said he wouldn’t be able to have the same results somewhere else, so he moved to Portland Oregon and did the same things! From 1915 until 1920 the team of 16 Divine Healing Technicians (DHTs) and Dr. Lake recorded over 100,000 healings!!

Now how did he do this? One thing we need to understand is before healings ever took place in his ministry he buried 8 members of his family sickness that resulted in death. His home was riddled with sickness and disease. His remembrance was a nightmare of sickness, doctors, hospitals and funerals. So he developed a hate for sickness and disease, he believed it was the devil. Honestly I would to after going through all that! I mean wouldn’t you?

Dr. Lake was God’s scientist when it came to understanding divine healing. Here’s a quote from him, just so you can get a taste of how he thought.

Scientists have undertaken to demonstrate the psychological and physiological effects of the Spirit of God in man under certain spiritual influences and conditions. In the operation of prayer they declare that the vortex cells of the brain expand, and as they expand they receive, and retain the Spirit of God. That through the action of the will, or desire of the heart, the Spirit is transfused through the whole personality, so that the cells of the brain and the cells of the body become supercharged by Divine Spirit.

Doctors were even sending the incurable to John G. Lake and he got them healed! That for me is amazing!

John G. Lake was a missionary to South Africa from 1908 to 1913. While there, a horrific bubonic plague broke out. John Lake was caring for the sick and burying the dead. Britain sent a ship of medical supplies and a corps of doctors to him. The doctors asked Lake how he had protected himself from the deadly plague. His answer was, “I believe ‘the law of the Spirit of life has set me free from the law of sin and death (Rom.8:2).’ As long as I walk in the light of that law [of the Spirit of life], no germ will attach itself to me.” In scriptural context, this verse speaks of Jesus’ work of salvation bringing the life of the Spirit of God to us and freeing us from “the law of sin” or, in other words, from everything evil that came into the world through sin, such as disease, poverty, addictions, spiritual death, and early physical death. The doctors were unconvinced, so Lake insisted they do a microscopic experiment on him. Lake showed them that if one of them took bubonic plague foam from the lungs of a dead person and put it under a microscope,the disease cells would still live. If they put the foam in Lake’s hand, and then looked at it under the microscope, they saw that all of the disease cell’s instantly died, proving what Lake said to be true!

In 1997, Curry R. Blake trained and certified the first Divine Healing Technicians in 62 years. Those (DHTs), along with thousands that have been trained since are experiencing the same results that the first (DHTs) did under Dr.Lake.

You can learn more about Curry Blake on his website at

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