Christ In You

Its been a few months since I’ve written, but I felt like writing today so here we go:)

He Saves The Best Wine For Last:

In God’s order any person to really be greatly used by Him, He must come to an end of Himself and realize he needs God. Then he will understand that our life on earth should not only be focused on human things, but on things above because we are now seated in heavenly places and our view is way different. God wants to obtain a man in such a way that He can use him to rule on earth. A lot of times we think just preaching a message is good or winning souls is all God wants but it’s so much more than that! God has a higher purpose for His creation and it’s to have complete dominion and advance the righteous government of God all over the earth as the waters cover the sea.

The First Man:

Adam was the first man and he failed in doing what God told him to do. The purpose was not accomplished. He fell into sin and lost everything, he was took captive by the enemy and it was under the role and power of the serpent that the enemy gained access to the earth. But what God could not obtain in the first man, He did do through the second MAN! Now all those who get born again through Christ they have dominion just as the first Adam had. We are now in Christ and He is IN US.

We can now walk in such victory that when the enemy comes we can say “The prince of this world has nothing in me”!! (John 14:30) Why? Because we are now hidden in Christ! He can’t find us because He is met with Jesus who is all powerful!!

God Eternal Purpose:

As a new creation God wants to do His will through us. His might will only be seen as we submit to His divine plan. Watchmen Nee would say ” The mission of the church is to testify to the salvation of Christ and the victory of Christ. Therefore, the task before us is threefold: To learn how to exercise spiritual authority, to overturn the authority of the Devil, and to proclaim the love and authority of God”

The Hope Of Glory:

Mankind is now Gods dwelling place, and through union with Him, He governs and takes dominion through us! He is every nations Hope! Anyone that serves the Lord will agree that one of the greatest hindrances to his work for the Lord is not others but his own self. But when a person is submitted to the Holy Spirit something glorious happens, He manifest in such a way that all the devils in hell recognize Jesus the one who conquered sin, death and the grave!! And if we are real the devil isn’t afraid of man, he’s afraid when every cell in your body is submitted to God!

So now through the death of Jesus, we are delivered from all that belonged to Adam and by resurrection we enter into what belongs to Christ a new creation, the way! The redemptive plan of God was never meant to repair the old, He literally re-created us! So I end with this, submit to God because in so doing He becomes the Hope of glory through your mortal bodies!

In Christ -Justin

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